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We create must-have WooCommerce tools that help store owners grow.

Over 500,000+ website owners have used our world-class WooCommerce extensions to power unique features on their websites.

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Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is the world’s most popular solution for adding wholesale functionality to any WooCommerce store.

It’s a set of WooCommerce extensions that cover the three big challenges any store owners faces when adding wholesale to WooCommerce:

1. Wholesale Level Pricing
2. Efficient Ordering
3. Managing Users

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons extends the coupon features in WooCommerce to allow store owners to execute new and interesting types of deals.

It covers a wide range of features that store owners can use to increase their revenue, automate deals and market their stores better with coupons.

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Inventoroo – WooCommerce Inventory Management


Inventoroo is an inventory assistant specifically made for WooCommerce.

As you pass certain milestones, tracking your inventory becomes more complex and there’s often more to the story than just a number on the backend of WooCommerce. 

Of course, WooCommerce can track your product inventory, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture.

That’s where Inventoroo comes in. It will help you solve those tricky inventory problems that, as you grow, become more important.


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Rymera Web Co is a company based out of sunny Brisbane, Australia.

We make tools that help store owners grow their stores. WooCommerce is our platform of choice and the tools we provide are designed to make the whole experience of being a store owner a lot better and more profitable.

We strongly believe that every store owner has something unique and interesting to bring the world and it’s our mission to give them the tools that let them do that.

One of our core beliefs is that even though a store might start small they have the potential to grow into a big store. The tools we make help level the playing field in e-commerce so that stores of all sizes can have access to world-class tools that help them grow.

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