Developer Applicant Challenge​

As part of the application process, you’ve been requested to complete the following challenge.
If you have any questions please respond to the last email you received from our team.

Challenge: Custom Post Type/API Based WordPress Plugin​


You will be creating a custom WordPress plugin that creates a “movies” custom post type that is exposed through a REST API.

Technical Requirements:

Post type

  • Create a “Movies” custom post type
    • The post type should have a title, a movie description, and the year it was released
    • Please provide example data for at least 20 entries
    • Add Movies as a top level menu on the backend
    • Provide a way to view a list of the movies on the backend
    • Provide a way to edit a movie on the backend


  • Expose the movies custom post types via a REST API.
    • The API endpoint must reside at [site url]/wp-json/rymera/v1/movies
    • API endpoint to read all movies
    • API endpoint to read a single movie with the relevant data given
    • All these API endpoints should only be accessible by logged in users.
    • Non logged in users should not be able to access these endpoints.


  • Ensure to properly escape, sanitize, and validate data in each step as appropriate using built in PHP and WordPress functions.
  • Ensure all user facing strings/text are translatable.
  • The code you submit should not be built with/by/from nor use boilerplate templates/libraries/code.
  • Use modern PHP approaches/architecture (example: OOP, autoloading, PSR4, Composer, etc).
  • Your submission should be a fully functional WordPress plugin meeting the requirements listed above.
  • Do not rush! Your code will be used to gauge your abilities and your attention to detail (one of our core values).

Submit Your Code​

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